Fast Frame Building Services

Fast Frame Building Services supports IPD and BIM Integration

Jigging & Assembly: At ProFab Steel Solutions, we can fabricate finished goods and then assemble these components into “Jigged Assemblies” to any shape and size, including Stanchion Posts and more. These finished assemblies can be packaged, bundled, and zoned for delivery to the exact location on projects sites ready for on-site installation, saving our framing contractor customers hours of costly assembly time.

Pre-Construction of:

  • Interior Soffit Jigs and Assemblies

  • Exterior Curtin Wall Fill-in and Spandrel Wall

  • Ceiling Framing Jigs and Assemblies

  • Light Pockets

  • Cornices Details

  • Wall Support Posts / Stanchion Posts

  • Welded Jamb Studs

  • Welded Headers

  • Heavy Gauge Kicker Angles

  • Pre-Fab Head Wall Units

  • Sink Supports

Operational Systems: We have developed systems that enable us to provide high-quality products and services. At ProFab Steel Solution, we inventory many different gauges and lengths of sheet steel. We also sheer on site, which enables us to “Quick-Turn” special orders. If needed, we can deliver the next day. Our shop layout and staff of metal fabricators enable us to produce specialty metals in the most efficient way. We use an "in the front door 'Quick-Turn,' out the back door" approach.

Metal Bending: We can take care of all your radius and curved metal bending needs too. Just give use your exact specifications and it will be done in a timely fashion.

Shipping and Packaging Systems: Our shipping department can bundle, mark, and zone our customer’s packages to their exact specifications for easy on-site delivery. Putting the right materials in the right place for efficient installation.

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